Graduate Students

Graduate Student Supervision (Completed)

Ph.D. Degree:

1. Nesibe Pınar Uğurlar (December, 2017). The Cognitive Cost of Interpersonal Closeness in Decision Making (Coadvisor. Dr. Ann-Christin Posten)

2. Ezgi Sakman (METU, September, 2016). Functionality of Insecure Attachment in Cultural Context as an Early Alarm and Escape System

3. Sinan Alper (METU, January, 2016). Mastering the Chaos by Asserting Agency: Randomness Salience and Its Effects for Different Models of Agency

4. İrem Metin Orta, (METU, September, 2015). Early Parentıng Support: Applıcatıon of An Interventıon Program to Enhance Maternal Sensıtıvıty in Turkey.  Recipient of METU Thesis of the Year Award.

5. Nevin Solak, (METU, January, 2015). The Role of Emotions and Emotion Regulation in the System Justification Process. (Coadvisor, Dr. John Jost)

6. Selin Salman Engin (METU, 2014). Triadic Interactions and Coparenting During Infancy in the US and Turkey: The Role of Fathers, Grandmothers, and Attachment. (Coadvisor, Dr. James McHale)

7. Burak Doğruyol (METU, June, 2014). Regulatory Fit In the Context of Multiple Goal-Pursuit: The Role of Feedback Valance (Coadvisor, Dr. Ahmet Uysal)

8. Mehmet Harma (METU, March, 2014). Vocal Synchrony as a Coregulation Indicator of Attachment bonds. (Coadvisor. Dr. Cindy Hazan)

9. Ayça Özen (METU, October, 2012). Experience and Expression of Emotions in Marital Conflict: An attachment Theory Perspective

10. Emine Tuna Özgüle (METU, July, 2011). Mediating Role of Self-Regulation between Parenting, Attachment, and Adjustment in Middle Adolescence.

11. Kürşad Demirutku (METU, March, 2007). Parenting Styles, Internalization of Values, and the Self-Concept.

12. Derya Güngör (Ankara University, 2000).The Role of the Parenting Styles in Transmission of Attachment Styles between Generations.

Master’s Degree:

1. Hilal Terzi (METU, February, 2015). The Interplay Between Self-Compassion, Attachment Security and Relational Attributions on Marital Functioning.

2. Ece Akça (METU, September, 2014). Personality And Cultural Predictors Of The Quiet Ego: Comparing Turkey And The United States (Coadvisor. Dr. Heidi A. Wayment)

3. Gülbin Şengül-İnal. (METU, September, 2014). The Moderating role of sensory-processing sensitivity in the relationship between spousal caregiving, perceived social support and marital quality.

4. Fulya Kırımer (METU, June, 2014). The Role Of Capitalization And Mattering In Close Relationships: An Attachment Theory Perspective.

5. İlker Dalgar (METU, September, 2012). Relational Models Theory and Their Associations with Cultural Orientations and Personal Value Priorities in the Turkish Cultural Context

6. Ezgi Sakman (METU, April, 2011). Effects of Attachment Security, Threat, and attachment Figure Primes on Cognitive Attentional Task Performance.

7. Elif Helvacı (METU, December, 2010). The Impact of Perceived Parental Control on Internalization and Ego-Depletion.

8. Şeyda Çamlı (METU, October, 2010). Attitudes towards Allowance of Headscarf in Universities: A Terror Management Perspective.

9. Gülçin Akbaş (METU, September, 2010). Social Identity and Perceptions of Intergroup Relations: The Case of Alevis and Sunnis in Amasya.

10. Elçin Gündoğdu Aktürk (METU, July, 2010). Attachment Figure Transference, Caregiving Styles and Marital Satisfaction in Arranged and Love Marriages.

11. Duygu Dincer (METU, June, 2009). The Role of Social Identity and Personality Traits in Predicting Societal Security Perceptions.

12. Burak Doğruyol (METU, September, 2008). The Impact of Parental Control and Support on the Development of Chronic Self-Regulatory Focus.

13. Mehmet Harma (METU, September, 2008). The Impact of Parental Control and Marital Conflict on Adolescents’ Self-Regulation and Adjustment.

14. Özlem Dirilen (METU, September, 2006). Relationship between Values and Culture: A Comparison of Central Asian and Turkish University Students.

15. Ayça Berfu Ünal (METU, September, 2006). Assessment of Computer-Based and Self-Reported Hazard Perception Skills among Drivers: The Role of Personality and Driving Skills. Recipient of the Thesis of the Year Award, Mustafa Parlar Foundation.

16. İnci Şengül-Boyacıoğlu, (METU, September, 2006). Relationships among Attachment Anxiety, Avoidance, Accepting the Past and Autobiographical Memory.

17. Murat Gülen (Land Forces, Defense Academy, March, 2005). Evaluation of Adult Education Programs.

18. Murat Kale (Land Forces, Defense Academy, May, 2004). The Role of the Psychomotor and Personality Traits in the Selection of Pilots. ,

19. Elif Engin (METU, July, 2004). The Relationship between Self-Concept Structure and Behavioral Flexibility: A Model Relating Cognitive Structures to Behavioral Patterns.

20. Metin Özdemir (METU, August, 2002). The Effects of the University Entrance Examination on High School Students: The role of Anxiety and Self-Esteem. Recipient of the Thesis of the Year Award, Mustafa Parlar Foundation.

21. Türker Özkan (METU, December, 2001). The Role of Personality Characteristics, Psychomotor/Cognitive Abilities and Driver Behaviors and Skills in Predicting Accident Involvement (Co-advisor).

22. Günnur Karakurt (METU, September, 2001). Impact of Attachment Styles on Adult Romantic Jealousy.

23. Ersin Aslıtürk (METU, September, 2001). Cultural Maintenance of Self-Esteem from the Perspective of Terror Management Theory.

24. Eyüp Özkamalı (METU, December, 2000). The Effects of Working on Adolescent Development among High School Students and Working Adolescents.